Binge watching szn

Welcome to our curated list of things to stream for whatever your preferences are. If you love 90s sitcoms, our own Friends superfan can give you her top three episodes. Or, if you’re feeling the holiday spirit and want to watch a Hallmark film, we’ve got those too. We’ve got tons of options for you to binge-watch this holiday season, so get comfy!

Jackson’s Hallmark picks

  • A Timeless Christmas: Anytime there are random time travel holiday films I'm in. (Hallmark)
  • Christmas by Starlight: Sucker for small town businesses needing to be bailed out by big city people. (Hallmark)
  • The Princess Switch: Switched Again: Yes, Vanessa Hudgens. Christmas movie sequel gold. (Netflix)

Wolf’s essential 90s action films

  • La Femme Nikita: A French spy film with equal parts romance and action.
  • Léon: The Professional - Natalie Portman’s debut, this classic co-production is entertaining yet affectionate.
  • Heat: Al Pacino and Robert De Niro star in this detective American crime film.

Ksenia’s favourite foreign movies

  • The Collini Case: A brilliant German WWII courtroom thriller.
  • The Invisible Guest: This Spanish thriller is captivating and well-written. (Netflix)
  • Forgotten: A South Korean mystery-thriller that has a great storyline. (Netflix)

Scott’s one season wonders

  • Forever (2018) MPMZ: A brilliantly written show about the afterlife-ish. (Prime)
  • Freaks & Geeks (1999): A great slice of 80s high school life with an all-star cast.
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (2006): Aaron Sorkin at his Sorkin-est. (Prime)

Andre’s top visually stunning films

  • Blade Runner 2049: Beautiful colours and futuristic imagery.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road: A post-apocalyptic classic with sublime cinematography.
  • Dunkirk: This movie captures WW2 with impeccable shots.

Sean’s must-see british crime dramas

  • The Fall: A British psychological thriller that keeps your attention. (Netflix)
  • Collateral: This four-part British thriller is extremely binge-worthy. (Netflix)
  • Giri/Haji: This co-production is another crime investigation that keeps your eyes on the screen. (Netflix)

Kat’s must-watch drama series

  • Fargo: Same Coen brothers style and Midwest setting, different stories. (Netflix)
  • Mr. Robot: Hacking, unsettling shots and superb writing make this an unforgettable series. (Prime)
  • The Leftovers: An underrated series that challenges viewers not to ask too many questions. (HBO)

Kateland’s top three Friends episodes

  • S7 EP16: The one with the truth about London (Netflix)
  • S5 EP11: The one with all the resolutions (Netflix)
  • S5 EP16: The one with the cop (Netflix)

Dana’s favourite Sex and The City episodes

  • S2 EP1 Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Big and Carrie just broke up. (HBO)
  • S3 EP14 Sex and Another City: All the women go to LA! (HBO)
  • S6 EP17 The Post-It Always Sticks Twice: Carrie gets broken up with on a post-it. (HBO)