Fight the boredom

Boredom Kit

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that staying in can get real boring, real fast. That’s why we’re here to help make staying in a blast this holiday season. From our super quizzes to curated Instagram feeds that’ll have you scrolling for days, we’re here to say no to boredom. Pour yourself some eggnog and scroll down to fight the boredom.

Put your cards on the table

Nothing screams holiday cheer quite like a friendly (or heated) game of cards with family or friends. Cards also happen to be one of our favourite ways to fight the boredom, so we’ve compiled our favourite games with instructions on how to play. While some of you may have gotten our deck of cards, any ol’ deck can be used to enjoy the games.

Black Jack

This simple but strategic game is perfect for curing holiday boredom.

How to play

Rummy (Gin)

A modern classic that’s challenging but so fun.

How to play


Deriving from Japan, the goal is to become president.

How to play

From our Super Quizzes

The ultimate at-home fun for us at P&G has been online quizzes. We love quizzes so much we’ve made over 160 of them, and compiled some of our favourite questions into three super quizzes. And what better way to keep your brain stimulated this holiday season than by learning about a range of topics from Irish slang to Uzbekistan and so much more. We’re sure there’s a question for everyone! 😉

Binge watching szn

Scrolling endlessly for something to watch is such a chore, so we did the work for you. Whether your holidays are so calm you’re actually craving drama, you really want to get into the spirit and watch a Hallmark movie you already know the plot of, or have binged so many series you’re ready to rewatch the best of Friends, our hand-picked streaming curation will be sure to keep you cozy at home while the snow falls outside.

Tell me what to watch

In the kitchen

We think that food and cooking is one of the best cures for boredom. And with our easy-to-follow recipes and two talented former bartenders, we’ve got you covered on creating the ultimate holiday dining experience right at home, or a tasty New Years eve midnight snack.

Inspire my tastebuds

For the ‘gram

Boredom often leads us down an Instagram hole, so if you’re looking for an Instagram account that has a dreamy mood board or a meme account that’ll crack you up, our team has curated some must-follow Instagram accounts that we know you’ll love too.

  • @toreats

    Warning! No matter where you live, this Instagram will leave you hungry.

    Curated by Victoria

  • @play.hooray

    An anti-boredom Instagram perfect for parents.

    Curated by Penny

  • @wingonwoandco

    The oldest operating store in NYC’s Chinatown.

    Curated by Marguerite

  • @natgeo

    Each post is its own story with facts that leave you learning something new.

    Curated by Julie

  • @yukikawae

    Get your Zen on this holiday season with peaceful visuals.

    Curated by Jess

  • @beamingdesign

    Life quotes, creative design and a sensitive aesthetic.

    Curated by Felicia

  • @digital_archive

    A digital space that inspires designers and artists.

    Curated by Ethan

  • @somewhereiwouldliketolive

    A stunning mood board perfect for when you’re missing vacations.

    Curated by Chloe

We made you some mixtapes

Whether it’s rocking out to jams or podcasting, we’ve got a wide range of playlists for you to listen to when your ears are in need of hearing something other than All I Want For Christmas Is You - not that anything’s wrong with that song! If you couldn’t tell, we love variety.